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Warrior & The Switch

by on February 1, 2012


Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) returns home to his previously alcoholic and abusive father (Nick Nolte), to enlist his help in training for a big mixed martial arts tournament with an even bigger payout. Also competing is Tommy’s estranged older brother Brendan (Joel Edgerton), and the two brothers must either resolve their differences or kill each other in the … what is it, octagon? Hexagon? Rhombus? I’ll just say in the ring.

I had avoided seeing this movie, even after having been invited, because of the advertisements promoting it on the radio. They said “if you liked The Fighter, you’ll love this movie!” I hated The Fighter, so I was certainly not gonna sit through the MMA version of it. I finally relented after seeing all the praise it’s received, and the person who made those ads can go jog into a wall. The Fighter was a plodding, groaning character drama starring Marky Mark (someday Hollywood will realize that he can’t act and stop casting him in big roles). Warrior, while also in a way a character drama, doesn’t have Marky Mark in it. Game, set and match.

Tom Hardy I liked in Inception, Joel Edgerton I didn’t remember at all, and Nick Nolte I was shocked to hear wasn’t dead already. Not a star-studded cast at all, which might have made it that much more convincing. I’m also not a fan of MMA at all (although it may be preferable to boxing, which is deafeningly boring), but the fight scenes definitely packed excitement and tension, although some of the results seemed highly questionable. Anyways, very good movie, for fans of abs and fighting alike.

The Switch

Wally (Jason Bateman) and Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) are best friends living in New York City. They’re nearing middle age, and Kassie feels her biological clock winding down towards the sunset of her child-bearing years. She finds a sperm donor and throws an insemination party with all her friends to celebrate. Wally, who’s not very excited about the idea of his bff getting knocked up by a random stranger, gets shit faced and proceeds to switch the donor’s sperm out with his own. Hilarity ensues. Maybe.

I have to admit. I only watched this movie because I thought it was The Change-Up (I have a deep-seeded love for everything Ryan Reynolds). I kept wondering when Reynolds would show up for the first 15 or so minutes of the movie, until i realized I had the wrong movie. Oh well, it was a Saturday night, I had nothing to do so I continued. Not the best idea I’ve ever had.

This is a Jennifer Aniston movie, which means more likely than not it’ll be a mediocre, cutesy affair thrown together to cash in on the staying power of her (hair) Friends fame. I don’t think that power ever existed, as her films continue to disappoint both critics and financial backers alike. This film did have some positive things though. Jeff Goldblum is always awesome playing, in essence, himself as the really weird friend. However Juliette Lewis being in the film cancelled out the awesome of Goldblum.

So in the end you’re stuck with yet another cutesy Jennifer Aniston movie which pretends to have depth, yet is so incredibly predictable that she still looks that good at 42. Which is the only reason you’d watch one of her movies anyway. I’m not making much sense, it’s late, and the sleeping pill just kicked in. To sum up: this movie occupies a place right in between “it sucks” and “don’t give a shit”.


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